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Find out what we can offer you

We have all the services to achieve the welfare of your pet.

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Our clinic is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to meeting your pet’s needs. We offer veterinary services with the most advanced means of diagnosis and treatment, as well as an emergency service to attend to you outside consultation hours. We also have a canine and feline hairdressing salon and a specialised shop.

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We would love to take care of your pet

If you are looking for a reliable vet to take care of your best friend, don’t hesitate to visit us.

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We have the necessary means

Ultrasound, digital radiology, in-house laboratory, blood and biochemical analyser, electrocardiogram, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, etc.

Our services

What can we do for your best friend?

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Microchip, passport and official certificates

Unique and permanent marking of pets through a microchip or tags with contact information. We also generate official certifications for your pet.

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Focuses on the care and treatment of the oral health of animals, including cleanings, extractions, periodontal treatments and attention to dental problems in pets.



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Interventions to treat or prevent medical conditions in animals. This may include procedures such as sterilizations, soft tissue surgery, etc., with the objective of improving the health and quality of life of the animals.

icono oftalmología


Focused on the diagnosis, treatment and care of eye disorders and diseases in animals. Its objective is to preserve and improve the visual health of animals.

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Focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system in animals. They evaluate and manage cardiac conditions in order to improve the health and quality of life of patients.

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Ethology is the scientific study of animal behavior, including the observation, description, explanation and prediction of the behavior of animals in their natural environment or in captivity.

icono reproducción


In veterinary medicine, this field focuses on the study and management of reproduction in animals, including reproductive physiology, assisted reproductive techniques, breeding management, estrous cycle control, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and everything related to reproduction.

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Means of diagnosis

Methods and techniques used in veterinary medicine to identify disease, evaluate health and diagnose conditions in animals. They may include laboratory analysis, imaging techniques, endoscopy, microbiological cultures, genetic testing and other specialized procedures.


icono clínica veterinaria


It involves the intensive care and supervision of sick or injured animals in a specialized hospital environment. During this period, patients receive continuous medical care, administration of treatments, monitoring of vital signs, proper nutrition, etc.

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A complementary therapy that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on an animal’s body to stimulate and improve health. This practice is based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine and is used in veterinary medicine to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve mobility and treat various conditions.

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Home visits

They involve the veterinary professional traveling to the client’s home to provide medical care to the client’s pets in their usual environment. During these visits, the veterinarian can perform a variety of services. This service is convenient for pet owners who prefer the convenience of receiving veterinary care at home.


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