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Professionalism and Proximity

We want your pet to feel at home.

About us

Clínica veterinaria


We are a veterinary center dedicated to providing comprehensive care to pets and their owners. Our team of highly trained professionals has extensive experience in the care of pets,

In addition, the clinic has modern facilities and advanced technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Fachada completa clínica Benalvet

We also offer a wide variety of veterinary services, such as medical consultations, surgery, diagnostic imaging, hospitalization, grooming and pet products store.

In short, Benalvet Veterinary Clinic is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable veterinary center for the care of their pets.

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Veterinaria Rosana Alba

Rosa Ana Alba Montes


She has a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Cordoba. She is continuously trained and her main areas of interest are surgery, anesthesiology, dermatology and ultrasound.

Veterinaria Silvia Montero

Silvia Montero Romero

CEO / Veterinarian

Degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Extremadura in 2003. She is a veterinarian by vocation and a great animal lover. Since she was a child she has always been passionate about animals and since she was 13 years old she has been collaborating with numerous animal shelters.

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